Our Mission

Angels in Disguise is determined to wipe out poverty and all of the evil that goes along with it! Jesus made it clear in Matthew 11:5 that the gospel is the answer to lack; yet, if you look around, it is evident that so much of the world still has not heard the good news. Our goal is to take the gospel to the world through simple acts of kindness and teach others what God's love is all about.


When William Booth started the Salvation Army his vision was much like that of Angels in Disguise; however, over the years, the heart and simplicity of the mission got lost in all of the red tape.  As Christians we cannot allow all of the bureaucracy the world gets caught up in to keep us from reaching out to others. God’s word is simple and clear on this subject; if we have what someone needs, we are to help. Not once did Jesus ask someone how much money they made or their reason for the need or what they would do with the help He gave; and, not once did He charge a fee for His services. In fact, He often helped people knowing the blessing would be misused and He even allowed Judas to handle the money knowing he was a thief. God has unlimited resources and it is all His, not ours. It is not our place to judge whether or not an individual is worthy or deserving of help and it is not our place to control how they use their blessing.

Angels in Disguise has always and will always operate on a simple “see a need and fill it” basis; however, will not waste time, money, or resources duplicating help that is already available. Every church, every believer united together is the bride and we are determined to work with our brothers and sisters, not against them. Could you imagine how powerful the church would be if they truly understood the power of unity like secular companies such as Wal-Mart and Verizon do? It's time for the church to rise up! As long as we are all working together and allowing God to direct our steps, we will take God’s love to the people and change the world!